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The Child and Family Research and Training Institute was founded as a nonprofit educational organization in Menlo Park, CA in 1986. We serve as a “Family Wellness” center where families of all ages and sizes can come to explore and experience the richness of family life. All the educational programs are researched, designed and piloted by the CFI staff. Some of these programs have been published and are currently used by groups all over the United States. The World Peace Village is an outreach program of CFI and was designed in 2002.

330 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025



Josetta Walsh: 1928-2006
Held a Master Degree in the Montessori Method and her expertise with children/adults was Nationally recognized. She was the visionary designer behind the World Peace Village. She co-authored four published books. She was the co-founder of the Child and Family Institute in Menlo Park, CA.
Her heartprints of peace on our lives will stay with us forever.

Kristine Goodrich
Holds a Master Degree in Child Development and Family Life. Her experience and expertise are called upon nationally through extensive workshops and seminars. She has co-authored four published books.

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