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World Peace Village


Buddhist Prayer for Peace

May our brothers and sisters, human and non human beings, born in every form sharing in the web of life be safe, be happy and be free.

May true peace of the heart bring peace among all peoples of the world.

May all beings everywhere find joy and blessings.

May I and all beings awaken together.

Source: Jack Kornfield






Our founder is the teacher, Siddhartha Gautama, born in India more than 2500 years ago. Lord Buddha taught a way of living and thinking by which one can find lasting peace.

Buddhists believe nothing is permanent, and the world exists in constant change. Something real exists, however, beyond all the suffering in this world: the sense of peace. Lord Buddha reached the ultimate state of peace called nirvana, and everyone can find this state of peace in his or her own heart.

Everything we do, speak, and think has an effect. This law is called karma. Therefore, to bring peace in our lives, we should live, speak, and think about peace.

Golden Rule:
Hurt not others with that which pains you.

Peace Word: Shanti, shanti, shanti

Sacred Items:
Hand held prayer wheel, prayer beads, Buddha, incense, singing bowl

Spiritual Practice: Prayer flags and zen gardens