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World Peace Village


Now I get it! We all belong as we journey on our paths to the Holy.
— Adult woman

I learned that peace is everywhere even in other religions besides ours. Peace is expressed differently in every religion because they have different ideas and beliefs.
— Jessica, age 11





The World Peace Village was designed as an intergenerational event, one where children and their parents, and individuals learn together the path toward peace and tolerance. With its interactive elements, it has been used as a way of bringing diverse cultures together in the spirit of peace. The World Peace Village can be the centerpiece of a community or church festival, family vacation Bible school, a family retreat or simply as a tool to spotlight peace in a setting where all generations can have access to the display and its prayerful atmosphere.

Churches/Religious Retreats/Diocesan Events/Museums/Community Gatherings

January 2003: Quarterly Meeting of VA Chaplains, Menlo Park, CA
The World Peace Village was endorsed by the chaplains of the different faith traditions represented. Prayers of Peace were read by a Jewish rabbi, an Islamic imam, Native American shaman, a Russian Orthodox priest, and a Hindu Priest.

February 2003: National Episcopal Educators Conference, Chicago, IL
During a busy week of workshops, the World Peace Village became a sanctuary of prayer and meditation, where more than 100 participants returned again and again. Eleven dioceses ordered large World Peace Villages to be shared by the churches in their diocese.

May 2003: Diocesan Leadership Day at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, CA
About 100 adults visited the World Peace Village. Bishop William Swing of the California Diocese (Episcopal) donated a drum from his personal collection to the Native American shrine. The Diocese of California purchased a large World Peace Village for the parishes of the diocese to share.

August 2003: Retreat for the Physically Challenged, Mt. Angel, OR
The World Peace Village was the focus of each day's talks, prayers, and liturgy.

August 2003: Trinity Cathedral Family Parish Retreat, Lake Tahoe, CA (Sacramento Cathedral)
The World Peace Village was a central theme at this retreat.

October 2003: Grace Lutheran Church, Palo Alto, CA
UN Peace Day and Children's Day.

November 2003: Christ Church, Portola Valley, CA
Sharing Faith lecture series for adults.

November 2003: Interfaith Retreat,
Santa Cruz Mountains, CA

Gandhi's grandson was the keynote speaker.

November 2003: Interfaith Conference, Kentucky
Fifty table-top World Peace Villages used as centerpieces for the conference.




February 2004: St. Elizabeth Seton School, Palo Alto, CA
This elementary school (K-8) sponsored at WPV at their school for two days. The seventh graders were trained as docents. All eight grades each spent one hour journeying through the village, participating in each center's activity.

April 2003: Stanford University Community Day celebration and the 100th Anniversary of the Memorial Church at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
More than 800 people (children and adults) visited the World Peace Village this day. The World Peace Village featured docents at each prayer and meditation space to give further explanation and help participants with activities. It was exciting to see people of so many different cultures exploring the different faith traditions.

September 2003: St. Mary's School, Los Gatos, CA
Families learned about other faith traditions and together made sacred items from each of the traditions. Several hundred people attended.

Community Events and Festivals

March 2004: San Jose Discovery Museum, San Jose, CA
During the weekend of March 13-14, approximately 800 children and adults experienced the WPV. Families of many cultures were pleased to visit their faith centers and learn from the other centers. The sentiment most often expressed was immense gratitude—"I have a place in the village of peace."

March 2003: The Mid-Peninsula Interfaith Peace and Justice Group, Palo Alto, CA
The World Peace Village was a central focus of a peace vigil held before the start of the Iraq war.

Other Organizations

September 2003: Young President's Organization (YPO), Palo Alto, CA
Used as a spouse program during YPO conference. Spouses spent a morning making sacred objects from the various traditions while discussing and learning more about them.