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World Peace Village


Muslim Prayer for Peace

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.

Praise to the Lord of the Universe who has created us and made us into tribes and nations;

That we may know each other, not that we may despise each other.






We believe in one God, the same God Jews and Christians believe in. In Arabic, the word for God is “Allah”, which means “The One.” Allah gave a message of guidance for humanity to a prophet named Muhammad 1,400 years ago.

We are called Muslims, which means “one who submits.” As Muslims we submit ourselves to the will of Allah, and learn His will in the Qur'an, our holy book.

We say prayers wherever we are, at home, at work or at school. When we pray, we bow, kneel on a prayer mat and touch the ground with our forehead. We always face towards Mecca. As servants of God, we walk the earth in humility and when we greet others we say “Salamon Alaikom”.

Golden Rule:
Live in harmony, for we are all related.

Peace Word: Salamon Alaikom

Sacred Items:
Qur’an, 99 names for God, skull cap, prayer mat, prayer beads

Spiritual Practice: Prayer mat