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World Peace Village


“I thoroughly endorse the Peace Village. It is a local, family expression of hearts that yearn for peace among the people of religions. I have my Peace Village in my office in San Francisco.”

Bishop William Swing
Espiscopal Bishop
of California





Peace comes alive through this beautifully designed community of some of the major faith traditions of the world. The World Peace Village provides a variety of activities to experience the spirit of peace present in each tradition. We encourage you and your family to explore the many ways you can practice peace in your daily lives.

Make a daily Peace Pilgrimage to learn the peace prayers of a faith tradition and spread the messages of peace to all people. Meditate on the Golden Rule as expressed by each tradition and follow the path of peace through compassion, tolerance and understanding. Or, explore new paths by reading about each tradition and learning their word for peace.

Packaged in a reusable folder, the Peace Village contains a shrine village, prayer book, mat, and glass candle holder and candle. more information

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